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Chef Mehboob Khan

Mehboob Khan

Chef Mahboob is one of the most senior celebrity chefs of Pakistani culinary industry . Due to his uniqe style of cooking he gained many followers…

lucas cover

Lucas Corazza – Brazil

Since the beginning of his career eight years ago, Chef Lucas Corazza has sought to work with such great names as Henry Schaeffer…

Chef Iqbal Shah

Iqbal Shah

With his Unique style of comparing and hosting a show Chef iqbal shah clearly deserves to be the most exciting and young chefs in the industry of Pakistani culinary industry..

Amir Iqbal

Amir Iqbal

An Exclusive Interview with Majesty of Kitchen Chef Amir Iqbal in the No.1 Food Magazine of Pakistan | The Cook Book

Chef Wardah Shoaib2

Wardah Shoaib

TCB: How did your career as a professional Chef start? CHEF: I have always been passionate about food and cooking. If I go out and eat something, I try recreating

Zubaida Apa

Zubaida Apa

TCB: How did you start your career? Apa: I was not aware of how I will start my career because to start a career one should have a degree or

Chef Guga Rocha

Guga Rocha

Chef Guga Rocha is one of the most talked about and prominent Brazilian chefs in the world right now. You may think it is only because of his exceptional cooking

chef jalal

Jalal Haider

TCB: Tell us something about yourself. How did you start your career? Chef: The starting of my career is very difficult. It seems very funky in listening and seeing. After

enrique limado title image

Enrique Limardo

TCB: Who inspired you to have interest in the culinary field? CHEF: My grandmother Mercedes Limardo, who was an exceptional home cook, was always around me and took care of

An Exclusive Interview of Chef Vicky Ratnani

Vicky Ratnani – INDIA

What inspires you to be in hot kitchen? The Heat,the fire and the desire.   Tell us about the first dish you made? When I was 12…a nice cup of


Asad Latif

Q1) Tell us something about yourself. How did you start your career? Ans) First of all, I did my diploma in textile and fashion designing after that being in same