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Mauro Milan – ITALY

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Q1) Tell us something about your photography career?
MM: The route started about six years ago. First of all with landscape photography, then with sports. Then I started (and still do) weddings and various ceremonies photographies. For almost three years I have devoted myself almost entirely to food photography

Q2) Who inspired you to become a food photographer?
MM: The passion for food photography came by chance when I clicked couple of customers plates for the expo in Milan in 2015

Q3) Apart from food, do you capture other wild life or nature snaps? MM: Beside food photography I capture my daughter photographs. Seriously, working with the Pepper studio of Farra di Soligo, I take photographs of weddings and ceremonies.

Q4) Which of your images are mostly liked, and why?
MM: Photos of fruits and vegetables taken on a glossy black background with water is liked by the people.In this way I try to find the essence in the dish and in the scenery or specialty you capture.

Q5) Are there any photographers that you particularly admire?
MM: I love shots of masters such as Andrew Scrivani or Lou Manna.Lido Vannucchi and Frenchco Tonelli, however, are my influence rs

Q6) Apart from food photographer, have you ever thought of becoming something else? MM: For the moment I’m totally focusing on this project and so I tell you no!

Q7) What is food for you being a food photographer?
MM: It is the raw material.It is fundamental and the heart of every project

Q8) Why only good photography?
MM: I ask so many times when I’m in the studio. Probably worshiping food and catering, I can capture what food wants to communicate with more ease. Also when confronting with the chefs about their dishes that I propose for the shutter I always ask for the ingredients and the procedure to try to enhance the most information that the dish wants to communicate.

Mauro Milan – ITALY

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