Ice Tea ccexpress

Ice Tea

Ingredients: 8 tea bags 1/2 cup hot water 7 1/2 cups cold water Method: Put

friut shake ccexpress

Fruit Shake

Ingredients: 4 oz. Orange Juice (Frozen) 1 Banana 1 cup(s) Fruit Yogurt (Your choice) 1/2

Cinnamon Winter Cider ccexpress

Cinnamon Winter Cider

Ingredients: 12-oz frozen cranberry juice, 6-oz frozen lemonade, 12-oz apple juice concentrate (thawed & undiluted),

Sparkling Punch

Special Sparkling Punch Recipe

Thinly slice the lemons and the oranges and place in a large punch bowl. Pour in the thawed lemonade. Gently stir in the club soda and the sparkling apple cider. Add sugar to taste. Add ice.

jam e shirin

Red Queen Mocktail Recipe

Add red grape juice, lemon juice, orange juice ,Jame-Shirin , white water and ice cubes in blender jug and blend. Now pour in serving glass and serve. Chilled red queen mocktail is ready to serve.

Luscious Slush Punch

Luscious Slush Punch Recipe

In a large saucepan bring the sugar, water, and strawberry flavored gelatin to a boil for 3 mins. Stir in the pineapple juice, lemon juice, and orange juice. Divide mixture into 2 separate containers and freeze.

nauratan sharbat

Nauratan Sharbat Recipe

In a mortar and pestle, grind the cardamom seeds. Crush all the nuts and gather about 1 tsp. Dissolve the Jam-e-shirin syrup and superfine sugar in the milk.

cucumber mint vodka lemonade best

Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

Make simple syrup by stirring the water and sugar together in a saucepan over medium heat; heat until just about to boil and the sugar has dissolved. Place in refrigerator for 30 minutes, or until cool. Place the cucumber slices in a blender or food processor; blend until mashed into a pulp

berry shake

Jam e Shirin Berry Shake Recipe

Blend milk, sugar and Jam-e-shirin , 2 blackberries and ice together till smooth. Pour in the glasses garnish with basil seeds and remaining berries and serve chilled. Your tasty berry shake is ready to serve.

Italian Cream Soda

Italian Cream Soda Recipe

Fill a tall glass half full with ice. Fill to 2/3 with carbonated water. Pour in watermelon and passion fruit flavored syrups, then float the half-and-half cream on top. Stir when ready to drink.

almond tea

Almond Tea Recipe

Mix together the instant tea powder and sugar in a 1 gallon container.  Pour in the boiling water and lemonade concentrate and mix it well.

apricot peach chiller

Apricot Peach Chiller Recipe

In a blender add apricot, peaches, strawberries, sugar, yogurt, ice and peaches essence. Blend them well till smooth. Pour into glasses and serve cold.

pina colada

Pina Colada Recipe

In an electric blender, blend ice, pineapple juice, milk, coconut milk, cream and Sucral Drops . Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve chilled.


Cumin Lassi Recipe

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend till smooth.Garnish with little cumin powder. Serve chilled.

Blue Berry Blast

Blueberry Blast Recipe

Place the blueberries and pineapple rings in a blender. Puree until smooth; pour into 2 glasses filled with ice.