Ayesha & Lamaan

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What is Chef Ayesha’s favorite dish?

Chef Ayesha: Salad
Chef Lamaan: Karahi

Who is the messiest in the kitchen?

Chef Ayesha: Lamaan
Chef Lamaan: ME

Who cooks when you have feasts at your home?

Chef Ayesha: Both            

Chef Lamaan: Both

Who is the favorite actress of Chef Lamaan?

Chef Ayesha: Nargis Fakhiri   
Chef Lamaan: Jacqueline Fernandes

What was the first gift that Chef Lamaan gifted you?

Chef Ayesha: A Gold Ring   
Chef Lamaan: Ring

Who is the favorite actor of Chef Ayesha?

Chef Ayesha: Paul Walker    
Chef Lamaan: Paul Walker

Who fights the most for his or her show ratings?

Chef Ayesha: Lamaan  
Chef Lamaan: Not me

What is the dish that Chef Lamaan cooks the best ?

Chef Ayesha: Karahi and Chinese               

Chef Lamaan: Karahi and Beef Steak

Who always judge someone’s cooking?

Chef Ayesha: Lamaan  
Chef Lamaan: Me

Who is the most short tempered?

Chef Ayesha: Lamaan        
Chef Lamaan: Me

Who is the favorite actress of Lamaan?

Chef Ayesha: Nargis Fakhiri  
Chef Lamaan: Jacqueline Fernandes

Where you both first met?

Chef Ayesha: PITHM    
Chef Lamaan: PITHM

Which food Chef Ayesha dislike?

Chef Ayesha: Sushi   
Chef Lamaan: Daal Chawal

What is Chef Lamman’s bad habit?

Chef Ayesha: There are many, He is messy, Never on time, Short Tempered  
Chef Lamaan: Short Tempered

What is Chef Ayesha’s bad habit?

Chef Ayesha: Points out Grammatical mistakes
Chef Lamaan: Talkative

Who is the most versatile?

Chef Ayesha: Me
Chef Lamaan: Me

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