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TCB: What was the most difficult thing while transforming your fitness?

MAH: As I am a foodie. So the most difficult thing was to stop yourself from eating. People do get jealous as I eat a lot but still don’t gain weight. So I think the most difficult thing was, I wasn’t able to eat my favorite dishes.

TCB: What’s your diet regime during your fitness?

MAH: It’s a whole plan. I think I should give credit to my trainer because he had only 1 or 1 in a half month as I was shooting muqabil during those days and I was traveling. He used to get 3 to 4 days and during those days he used to make me work out whole day and evening. In morning I used to have boiled egg whites, apple and small meal then in afternoon I used to have brown rice with boiled vegetables. In evening I used have fruit, juice or shake sugar less then at night I used to have protein shake with rinsed tikka or steak. I don’t want to live that life because that life was very tasteless.

TCB: Who was the motivation behind your fitness?

MAH: It was a demand of Na Maloom Afraad movie song where I had to go shirtless on a beach. And personally I think an actor who is going shirtless should have well maintained body۔ So motivation was Nabeel and Pakistani cinema. Our models are very well shaped so I thought why not I should break the ice and when I did, I was praised by the people and co actors and industry. I think this motivation was enough that I was being part of silver screen.

TCB: Name one dish for which you can ditch every other dish?

MAH: Ladyfingers. I like pizza too but lady finger is my favorite.

TCB: Who will you take for a dinner date and where?

MAH: I will play safe so that when my wife will read this she won’t have an issue. I’ll take Mahnoor Baloch and maybe to Peru cafe in Lahore.

TCB: Most foodie co-star you have ever come across?

MAH: Kubra Khan. She eats alot and mostly desserts. If we have a competition of eating she will eat same amount of food as much i’ll eat.

TCB: Who is the most choosy co star you have came across in terms of food?

MAH: Javed Sheikh Sahab. He eats clean and selective food.

TCB: The most important tip for the people who wants to transform themselves into a physic like you?

MAH: Let me tell you one thing workout is very important. I have been doing workout since my college life just to keep my body in shape. I don’t smoke neither do I drink nor I take any kind of drugs and workout is the thing that keeps me away from it. It feels good to see young boys doing workout. It will help you eat clean and to stay happy.

Q. What menu will you keep in the dinner for the people listed below?

1- Imran Khan (Chapli Kabab)

2- Nawaz Shareef (Paye)

3- Bilawal Bhutto (Something sweet)

Q. Which city have better food?

1- Karachi

2- Lahore

3- Islamabad

(Home-Made food)

Q. If you got a day to cheat your diet, what would you eat?

1- Cheesy Pizza

2- Double petty extra cheese burger

3- Daal Makhni


Q. If you had to choose one. What would you like to have in breakfast?

1- Karachi ki mashoor halwa puri

2- Lahori Murgh chola with Kulcha

3- Peshawar kay chapli kabab with nan

(Lahori Murgh Chola With kulcha)

Q. Rate these actresses out of 10 in terms of diet conscious?

1- Mehwish Hayat (10/10)

2- Hania Amir (0/10 but she workout really hard)

3- Urwa Hocane (10/10)

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