And a burger patty that’s thinner than a slice of tomato? Not good. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food – Subscribe for weekly cooking …

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  1. I know Gordon definitely can tell when something was previously frozen or cooked by Chef Mic by just looking at it, and I LOVE how he still acts surprised then disappointed. Makes for a better reality show, and hopefully drives the point home to the owners/cooks better since they watch his journey from "I hope this dish is good" (when he knows it won't be) through sadness/disappointment, versus the less emotionally impacting "that looks like it was frozen, and I'm not eating it".

  2. Bro.. if you've ever worked in the culinary industry you know that EVERY restaurant receives frozen food orders. This mother fucker knows damn well what a place looks like if it's going to have fresh never frozen beef and NONE of these places look REMOTELY that fancy. This is all a hoax. These failing restaurants accept payment from whatever network hires them so that he can come and look like a culinary badass. Y'all are brainwashed for believing television is real lol

  3. How and why do you become a chef and not try or taste test your food how horrible person are you and some of theses video like you know it's going to be bad and awful yet you still come it to be the best food my god I am baffled

  4. I have to say, and also knowing there's cameras, it's a show, and there are producers leading the flow of things, that if a SERVER is that desperate, and willing to be that brutally honest, you know there's a sincere problem. I always watch for them to tow the line between their art and honesty on this show.

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