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  1. A self taught cook and without no regards of any rules, regulations, protocol, procedure's or the do's and don'ts on how the restaurant industry works. She's from new york city who moved to sunny Florida. That's very typical for both mere guidos and guidettes whom they ultimately showed no manners, self respect, discipline plus ZERO dignity and integrity. It also explains why there are road rage incidents in Miami because of guidos and guidettes moving from the east coast. A spoiled bratty ignorant and stupid child.

  2. Gordon revisits in a revisited episode and Anna Vincenzo's is closed.

    Gordon talks to server Ashton who reports that she went back to her old ways.

    Cece raised the prices and made the portions smaller.

    Gordon visits CeCe at home and she says it was time to sell Anna Vincezo's to focus on her family.

    Gordon comments on how different she looks and Cece shows off her weight loss, that she puts down to stress.

    She sold the restaurant and Anna Vincenzo's now closed so that she could spend more time with her children.

    Cece and Michael had separated and were living separately.

    The few Yelp reviews after the filming are mostly positive.

    In Anna Vincenzo's place Nino's of Boca II has opened, the East Side restaurant of Ninas on the West Side and Yelp reviews are average.

  3. it pisses mee off I always wanted a restraint and we have to work for it and yet u have fa tfucks like this ruining the industry with her fat bacon porridge or whatever

  4. My manager currently is like this. Just because he's good at something he thinks his son is. It's like trying to shove a square block into a round hole

  5. By far she stood the tallest toe to toe with Ramsey when it came to the insults lmao even he felt it and had to walk

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