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Top (best) places to have French Fries in Pakistan

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Hiya! Today we will discuss about Top (best) places to have French Fries in Pakistan

1. OPTP (One Potato Two Potato)

Well OPTP never fails to satisy us in it’s quality as well as quantity of fries. You can top these with an array of sauces including garlic mayo, nacho cheese and jalapeno peppers. Extremely tasty, crispy that one can crave for. OPTP was basically first famous for its variety of fries.

If you are looking for some good and overwhelming fries for your taste buds. So, here is OPTP, a must-go to place.OPTP

2. Cafe Mews

Whether you order the sriracha mayo fries or the trio of fries which include fries with truffle and mushrooms, Kimchi and Bolognese with cheddar, you won’t be disappointed. One who is looking for flavorful fries. So there is a Cafe Mews, serving them according to your choice. Fresh, crispy and dipped in sauce.Mews Cafe

3. Rowtisserie

Looking for some curly fries? Rowtisserie is offering. That you wont be disappointed.Rowtisserie

4. Hoagies

If you enjoy fries with some meat, the Honky style fries at Hoagies are for you. These are topped with beef strips and dirty sauce or a sauce of your choice. Isn’t it some crazy stuff?Hoagies

5. Potadose

An innovative kind of fries you can find here at Potadose. Extremely mouthwatering and with some marvelous varieties of fries you can ever have. A must try place that you cannot regret.Potadose

Top (best) places to have French Fries in Pakistan

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