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Faisal Mubin Ganatra – CEO Malka Foods

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Hiya! Today we will discuss about Faisal Mubin Ganatra – CEO Malka Foods

TCB: How did you start your career?

FM: I wanted to promote the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). I started my first venture TMH two years ago as an entrepreneur. When we started, there was a lot of competition in the market but now we are in the top five brands of motorcycle parts. We have 45 distributors in Pakistan and more than 135 products. Btu my passion for food and my ten years of experience in Shan Foods made me want to start Malka Foods. We started internationally at first and have now begun establishing ourselves in Pakistan. We wanted to honor the struggle of the women, inspire entrepreneurship and provide employment opportunities.

TCB: How do you feel about where you are at in life as a businessman right now?

FM: Being successful does not mean owning lots of materialistic things but rather your inner satisfaction. I have that because I know that our brand is the pioneer of recipe mixes and spices. We have gotten a lot of love and praise from people in a very short time. We have also gotten a pretty positive response internationally. So we have a really good feeling about what we are doing and where we are going right now.

TCB: What have been the biggest highs and lows of your career?

FM: When I was 15 years of age, my father passed away. That trauma made me mature quicker than others and people always told me that I am a lot more mature for my age. I struggled throughout my life and it was a challenge to get where I am right now. Now, I am known as one of the youngest CEOs of Pakistan. I am only 43 years old but I have achieved a lot of and keep accomplishing more.

TCB: Do you think you are accomplishing the goals you set out as a company in the beginning?

FM: We set out many goals from the beginning but our biggest objective was to keep improving upon ourselves. We never wanted to compete with others but rather ourselves. We keep trying to challenge ourselves and try to provide our customers with nothing but great quality consistently. And I feel like we are surely accomplishing those goals steadily.

TCB: How do you think your brand is changing the industry?

FM: I had many offers to join big companies at a great position but I wanted to promote entrepreneurship. Our country lacks entrepreneurs which is why our economy is suffering greatly. I wanted to help improve our country’s economy and bring business back to Pakistan. We have provided job opportunities to many people and slowly but surely we can hope to bring a significant change in the economy.

TCB: What did you originally want to be before you came in this industry?

FM: I originally wanted to become a doctor. I even got into a medical college but then a relative of mine told me that I would not be able to support my family well that way. So, I had to leave my dreams behind and go into business studies. Now I am at a great position in life as a businessman but I still have a lot of admiration and respect for doctors and medical professionals.

TCB: What is success to you?

FM: Being a Muslim, my faith has a huge part in whatever I do. So, I believe that true success is after you die. Our objective in life should be to make sure we have lived a full life, helped our fellow humans, and made people happy through any means possible. You know you are successful when you know your existence was not in vain and that you made a difference for the better of mankind.

Faisal Mubin Ganatra – CEO Malka Foods

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