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Parveen Saeed – Khana Ghar

khana ghar
Hiya! Today we will discuss about Parveen Saeed – Khana Ghar

In this era of inflation, people die due to hunger. The inflation rate is being worst now. Rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. No one is here to look after them.

No one comes forward to reduce this situation of poverty.

For this, the lady Parveen Saeed, comes forward and showed courage to reduce this. Khuda ki basti, kind of urban area lies in Karachi, the city of lights. Where she has come up with the Khana Ghar where one can have whole meal for only 3 rupees.

There are many organizations that provide free food but she is atleast providing it for a cent, so that one can know the worth of 3 rupees and can drive them to work enough to earn it and would be easily approachable for the residents of that area.

Parveen Saeed got this idea of Khana Ghar after she heard of an incident that a mother killed their children cause she wasn’t able to see them starve to death. This incident made her hit in her mind to start this Khana Ghar.

She has been running this since 2002 and serving and filling the stomachs of people in 3 rupees only.

The journey of the Khana Ghar has been started from the door to door home delivery service for free. Now they have hired cart vendors for delivery in nearby locations. They are planning to open other branches in under privileged areas. Parveen Saeed and her husband is also running a welfare trust. They provide funds for coffins and ration to needy ones. Also having customized packages for people who can’t afford much and eager to buy. Though they are earning enough for the day but that doesn’t mean that they are going enough with the budget. She is getting some interviews and coverage from the media and donations from national and international donors but that’s also not enough to run this much cause. Khana Ghar also welcomes people to come and survey by their own and not to remain in any doubt.

Parveen Saeed is running this organization in a dream that she will expand Khana Ghar to those areas where there is no enough food or money for the people

Parveen Saeed – Khana Ghar

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