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TCB: Describe yourself for those who want to know more about you.
TJ: My name is Taimur Junaid Jamshed and I consider myself a foodie. It was my love for food and my father’s dream that established this company. He wanted to open up a huge departmental store like the European chains we saw in 2012. That is where the vision for Jazaa Foods came from; we have grown a lot and spread our network in many countries. It is my goal and dream to make my father’s vision come true.

TCB: Being the son of such an influential and inspiring personality, does that put a lot of pressure on you to be perfect in the eyes of the pubic?
TJ: Of course, my father had established a high standard in many aspects of his life. Whether it be business or religion, he excelled in all the aspects. When he was alive, he helped us when we made any mistakes, but now we have to be extra careful to keep a level of standard just as he did.

TCB: What do you think is the biggest responsibility of a public figure such as yourself?
TJ: I think we have to maintain a level of perfection in all parts of life. Like my father, he used to try to be perfect and rarely make any mistakes, religiously or otherwise. He knew that the world’s eyes are on you and they are just waiting for you to make a mistake so they can judge you. That’s what I try to do, with my brand Jazaa Foods as well.

TCB: You are young but you have already accomplished much, what advice do you have in light of your experiences?
TJ: Age is just a number, I think. If your head is in the right place, you can achieve anything you want. After my father’s death, a lot of the responsibility fell on my shoulders so I had to step up. I started Jazaa Foods at an early age, but because I have a vision and a clear path in mind and I keep trying to achieve the best.

TCB: You have recently taken a step in the food industry by launching Jazaa Foods, why that particular venture?
TJ: As I mentioned earlier, it was my father’s vision. He had excelled with his clothing line ‘J.’ but he wanted a new challenge. He wanted to step into the food business. We started thinking of this in 2012, and on 25th March, 2016 we launched our brand. We started with a range of basmati rice and now offer wide variety of food products under the Jazaa umbrella. My father wanted to change and make the image of Pakistani products better. He wanted people to know that we can provide consistently good quality products.

TCB: Favorite cuisine?
TJ: Italian.

TCB: Main course or dessert?
TJ: Main course.

TCB: Foodie or diet conscious?
TJ: Foodie.

TCB: Tea or coffee?
TJ: None.

TCB: Eat out or at home?
TJ: Both.

TCB: Stick to what you love or experiment new food?
TJ: Stick to what I love.

TCB: If you could eat only one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?
TJ: Biryani.

TCB: Favorite Pakistani chef?
TJ: Zubaida Apa.

TCB: The best thing you can make?
TJ: Boiled rice.

TCB: Favorite ice cream flavor?
TJ: Vanilla.

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