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Michelle Walsh

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Hiya! Today we will discuss about Michelle Walsh

TCB: How did you get into the culinary field?
I started out as a writer focusing on Travel and Food as a freelancer and later with my own lifestyle website I’ve always been a passionate home cook with a love of creating beautiful food that led me to try out for MasterChef Australia. Since my time on the show I have gone into partnership with Sydney restaurant ‘Verde’ which is allowing me to curate and cook a beautiful menu of extraordinary dishes using beautiful Australian produce.

TCB: How was your experience with MasterChef Australia?
My time on MasterChef was amazing and I loved the opportunity of cooking on a show I have watched and loved for many years. The experience of cooking surrounded by so many incredible chefs and the gifted contestants is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Cooking along with Gordon Ramsay was a highlight and terrifying at the same time!

My family is my greatest support

TCB: What are your future plans?
I am currently doing pop up restaurants around Australia with a regular once a month special Northern Italian menu ‘Michelle e Toto’, at Verde Restaurant in Darlinghurst, Sydney. I am currently writing a cook book titled ‘Fast n Fancy’ which gives home cooks beautifully presented dishes in less than an hour and I’m hoping to turn this in to a television show in the near future.

TCB: What do you prefer, hot/cold kitchen? Why?
Hot kitchen is more my home. I love the adrenalin of service and I live to cook.

TCB: Who inspired you to get into this field?
My family and friends inspired me to take my passion professional. I have been experimenting with dishes at home for many years, cooking for my family and entertaining friends.

Rapid Fire

TCB: Your favorite cuisine?
Northern Italian.

TCB: Who supports you the most in your career?
My family is my greatest support. They encouraged me to go on MasterChef.

TCB: Have you ever tried any Pakistani dish?
I love fish Biryani. I use a lot of seafood in my cooking and this is a family favorite.

TCB: Who is your favorite Chef?
Massimo Bottura, as he creates art on a plate.

TCB: Taste is in the hands of someone who cooks or in the recipe? What do you think?
You cannot beat a cook’s intuition.

Michelle Walsh

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