Chef Sabaah Al-Dabbagh is a renowned Iraqi chef, restaurateur, and food consultant. She is widely recognized as one of the leading culinary experts in the Middle East, and her contribution to the industry has been significant. Chef Sabaah’s passion for food has led her to achieve various accomplishments in her career, including being a judge on a popular cooking show, publishing a cookbook, and establishing successful restaurants in Iraq and the UAE. In this biography, we will delve into Chef Sabaah’s life and explore her journey to becoming one of the most respected chefs in the Middle East.

Early Life and Education

Sabaah Al-Dabbagh was born in Iraq in 1975. Her love for cooking started at an early age, and she would often help her mother in the kitchen. Sabaah’s family was originally from Basra, a city in southern Iraq known for its rich culinary heritage. She grew up eating traditional Iraqi dishes, and this influenced her cooking style in the years to come.

Sabaah completed her primary education in Iraq before moving to the UK to pursue her secondary education. She attended a boarding school in Brighton, where she developed an interest in English literature and art. After completing her secondary education, Sabaah went on to study business management at the University of Brighton. She later moved to London, where she worked in various marketing and public relations roles.


Chef Sabaah’s culinary career began in 2006 when she decided to pursue her passion for food. She attended a culinary school in London, where she honed her cooking skills and learned various techniques. After completing her training, she worked in several restaurants in London, including the Michelin-starred The Ledbury.

In 2008, Sabaah returned to Iraq to start her own restaurant. She opened a small café in Baghdad, where she served traditional Iraqi dishes with a modern twist. Her restaurant quickly gained a following, and she became known for her innovative use of local ingredients.

In 2011, Sabaah was invited to be a judge on the popular cooking show Top Chef Middle East. The show was a huge success, and Sabaah’s knowledge and expertise in Middle Eastern cuisine were widely recognized.

After the success of her restaurant and television appearances, Sabaah decided to expand her business. She opened a second restaurant in Baghdad, which focused on Iraqi street food. The restaurant, called Street Food by Sabaah Al-Dabbagh, was a huge hit and received rave reviews from both locals and tourists.

In 2015, Sabaah moved to Dubai to establish her presence in the UAE’s food scene. She opened a restaurant called Sabaah Al-Dabbagh Kitchen, which served traditional Iraqi cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant quickly became one of Dubai’s most popular dining destinations and was featured in various publications, including Time Out Dubai and Conde Nast Traveler.

In 2017, Sabaah published her first cookbook, titled Sabaah Al-Dabbagh’s Iraqi Cookbook. The cookbook features a collection of traditional Iraqi recipes with a modern twist, showcasing Sabaah’s culinary creativity and knowledge of Iraqi cuisine.

In addition to her restaurant and cookbook, Sabaah also works as a food consultant, advising businesses on menu development, kitchen design, and food trends.

Personal Life

Chef Sabaah is married and has two children. She credits her family for inspiring her love of cooking and for supporting her throughout her culinary journey. When she’s not working, Sabaah enjoys reading, painting, and exploring new food markets and restaurants.