MEMON, The increasingly extraordinary their name sounds the more one of a kind their cooking is, and it’s simply AMAZING. On the off chance that you are memon and you have eaten those dishes, you would have prefered them over Pizza. What’s more, on the off chance that you’re not memon and haven’t attempted any of these dishes, at that point, you have to discover a memon companion who can treat you with these rarities

Khausaay – Memoni dish near Burmese khao-soi:

An intriguing sounding dish that is an unquestionable requirement eat dish among the Memon and Gujarati people group. The causes of this dish are from Burma, where there used to be a flourishing network of individuals from the sub-mainland because of verifiable exchanging ties.

Khausey is good to the point that it has turned out to be popular all over. Succulent noodles with curry and meat bested with a variety of toppings like Brown Onions,chat masala, lemon juice, thins chips, plain chips and even papri; it’s simply such a significant number of flavors in a single bowl that you are left stunned.


Memoni dhokrey:

Another winter delicacy, this one is progressively like a vegetable stew organized with different vegetables and herbs anyway with included flour dumplings. this is something you should endeavor once in an actual existence to understand what you are absent.

Hara lehsun

This is by a wide margin the most unremarkable dish on the rundown which makes memoni dishes not quite the same as others. Lehsun is additionally a winter delicacy and as you prepare your sweaters, ensure you figure out how to cook this dish as well. Flooding with season, lehsun is simply unadulterated garlic scapes that are mixed with squashed bajra roti and gave baingan ka bhurta. One nibble and you will love it.. It is given yogurt and cooked eggplant.

Bajrey k Pakoray:

Pakoras made out of Bajra flour are a typical dish in Memon cooking. An unquestionable requirement have thing at any memon occasion. these pakorays are made with mince and bajray ka aata as opposed to Gram flour.Different taste stacked with rich flavors Highly nutritious and excessively firm, these are heavenly exchange to any typical pakoras.



“khatti daal” the dish adored by most memon network. it tastes incredible! Khatti daal with fricasseed meat for lunch is simply overwhelming . The tadka which we put in khatti daal gives a sublime smell to the daal,making it all the all the more tempting.


Gur Papri

Gur Papri is much of the time orchestrated in Memon family during winter, pregnancy and after work by virtue of the piles of enhancements in it that are known to reinforce the spine after work. This is a sweet delicacy masterminded with consumable gum, flour, gur, and piles of dry natural items.

Qeema Masoor:

Another rendition of pilao made with mince, masoor, and potatoes, this one will make you lick your fingers


For those of you who never thought about this you are in for a treat. Darker in shading and spicier, Akhni is Memon pulao. Cooked in a near manner as pulao, Akhni is made with dim cumin seeds, curry leaves, red chilies and tomatoes. Akhni can be made with chicken or sheep and inconsistently with potatoes.. The formula has circumvented a sensible piece starting off in India, moving to Malawi and now in the UK.



So it is tidbit time, your stomach is challenging yet with weight decrease at the front line of your contemplations, what might you have the option to nibble upon that is light calorie-wise yet then first class? Dhokla is the perfect arrangement for you by then. Quick to make, light on the stomach and on your guts, this yummy treat is sure to finish you off and satisfy your soul!

Poorey (Chilley):

As the winter nighttimes pull in there is no best inclination over slipping into your agreeable cover following a long hard day at work, transforming up the warming and tucking into a better than average liberal plate of solace nourishment. For me this is a plate of steaming hot Poorey.

Poorey is one of the common dish of memon. Otherwise known as desi pancakes.Which is made with straightforward flour and All reason flour and toward the end presented with sugar on top.


In case you haven’t attempted these, you’re passing up on an incredible chance. Loaded down with season and differentiating surfaces, Memon sustenances are specific and totally scrumptious..

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