Another milestone of Haier Washing Machine

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Pakistan has always been receptive for change only if the product is revolutionary in the truest sense. The one thing Pakistani consumer found to be really an upgrade in their lifestyle was Haier’s fully automatic washing machine. Basically, the laundry washes itself once put in the washing machine. The consumer loved the product and the proof is always in the numbers.

On Jan 1st2019 Haier has successfully localized its15KG Fully Automatic machines in two top load series.

As per the information, Haier is the first brand in Pakistan which has launched its 8KG FA washing machine in 2014, and till now, Haierconsumer numberhas crossed 3 million users in Pakistan.  This number is the best source of appreciation and assurance for Haier’sconsistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Haier believes in always bettering ourselves and never settling for average performance or products. This achievement is a result of Team Haier’s efforts and resolve.

“We always consider our Users are in the No 1 position, our success cannot be there if without our customers support. I hope based on this time launching milestone, we can serve the best quality product with the best user experience through the fast after sales” Mr. Dong Mengzhou said.

It has always been Haier’s aim to remain on top as the market leader when it comes to home appliances.


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