Tips to Get Back to Your Routine Post Ramadan

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Staying fit and healthy during Ramadan is important but getting back to your eating routine after Eid is even more important. You might agree that Ramadan and Eid slightly ruins your diet and routine with all the fried items and sugary sweets. Here are some tips to help you get back to your healthy diet regime.

1. Get back to your workout routine


It is hard to get back to your workout routine after a long break. However, start slow and gradually work your way up. Even if that means starting with just a walk and then moving towards the heavy exercises.

2. Eat Healthy

After a whole month of eating deep fried items and unhealthy foods, it is time you put those foods aside and eat your fruits and veggies. Don’t forget they are packed with nutrients and fiber that is healthy and helpful to restore all the damage caused by unhealthy food.

3. Avoid Fizzy Drinks

It may seem like a great idea to have an aerated drink with your meal to help digest the heavy food but in reality, such beverages are loaded with sugar. Juices are a much healthier option.

4. Avoid Sweets


Eid mornings usually begin with a bowl of Sheer Khurma or Sawaiyan. Even after, you may crave these delicious desserts. Try replacing these sugary sweets with healthier options like fruit. If you give in to the craving, have a date or piece of fruit before you dig in. The natural sugar in the dates or fruit would be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth to an extent and a few bites of your favorite dessert would be enough for you.

5. Keep Hydrated

Try to establish the habit of drinking a few cups of water every single day. Remaining hydrated is good for your body and mind as it prevents your skin from getting dry and allows you to flush out toxins. Also, drinking a glass of water before your meals can help you to feel fuller and prevent you from overeating.