Papri Chaat

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Once again I found myself drawn towards the road side stalls. This time roaming on the streets of Gulberg, we girls were so busy in shopping that it was almost iftari time. The roads were packed with traffic and at that time the only thing we could see were food stalls. The stall the caught our eye the most was this simple glass enclosed cart. 

Inside the cart were small sections, each section had different chaat related ingredient. When we asked what is available, the seller replied ” Baji sab kuch hai. Fruit chaat, channa chaat, papri chaat, allu-channa chaat, samosa chaat, khatayi chaat” So many options, I for one was confused. Everyone started giving their order, I decided to have the papri chaat. We requested the keeper to serve us in our car and to give us disposable plates and spoons. 

After exactly five minutes he knocked on the mirror and we all were happy to see our chaats. And I was super happy with my crunchy, fresh, spicy and very yummy papri chaat 😋


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