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Sausage Risotto | Gennaro Contaldo

Simple, quality ingredients make this creamy risotto the ideal teatime dish. The sweetness of the onions alongside bitter radicchio and rich sausagemeat makes for a perfect partnership. Topped with bite size meatballs and a drizzle of balsamic this is a recipe that puts a smile firmly on your face.

For more of Gennaro’s recipes check out his channel youtube.com/gennarocontaldo

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27 responses to “Sausage Risotto | Gennaro Contaldo”


  2. When we're old seniors in retirement homes, if someone mentions the name Gennaro, all of our thoughts will go back to this amazing man and the food he loves.

  3. I would skip the balsamic vinegar.

  4. He's mad, but his meals a amazing.

  5. Thank you master for sharing your knowledge whit us

    regards from Chile! and it looks delicious

  6. I want to be related to him!

  7. Raddichiolous!

  8. How about if you don't want to add wine?

  9. I love that dude=)

  10. Imagine if he wasn't cooking so good

  11. Risotto alla Salsiccia

  12. bravo gennaro

  13. Could i substitute the radicchio for arugula? Not sure what else would work

  14. too runny. disaster….that old man can't cook.

  15. cooking this later!

  16. Best thing is he doesn’t drizzle a litre of olive oil and lemon or use Knorr stockpots

  17. I got to make this!

  18. Gennaro's passion shines through again! 😄

  19. So thats why italians lost ww2. They were doing this…

  20. I tried risotto couple of times, and i STILL can not see any reason, why should i stay above the pan, instead of putting everything in the oven … and coming back after 30minutes

  21. Is that the same with cabbage? the purple thing.

  22. why you are cooking so good.. papa Genaro

  23. I love this receipe… Radicchio and sausage taste perfect together

  24. My gosh!!. I loved this recipe, seems yummy. Gonna try it !!

  25. "Half a glass of wine" proceeds to put half a bottle 😂. Love Gennaro

  26. God i love Gennaro <3

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