Season 4 of 6 of The F Word with Gordon Ramsay and celebrity cooking brigades. Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for souffle pancake with rhubarb compote.


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  1. RECIPE (Serves 2-5):
    100g plain flour
    2 egg yolks, beaten
    2 egg whites
    200ml full fat milk
    2 tbsp caster sugar
    2 knobs of butter, unsalted

    Rhubarb compote:
    2 stalks rhubarb
    1 vanilla pod
    2-3 inch piece of ginger, peeled and sliced Butter, unsalted
    1 tablespoon caster sugar
    1 lemon

    The recipe suggests it serves 2, I would say there is definitely enough pancake mix for 5x15cm diameter soufflé pancakes. This makes an excellent dessert, or luxurious breakfast.

  2. @eatmealiveplease Well done? Nice sarcastic approach there mate 😀 its a pancake NOT a steak… hahaha! even a 13 Michelin stars Chef do screw up 😀

  3. @perther3 The zest is where the actual lemon flavour is. You can get it from the juice too, but there it's accompanied by a really sour and sweet flavour. If what you want is just pure lemon flavour, it's the zest you want.

  4. @perther3 When you bite into the zest, you get a small burst of citrus flavour. Whilst lemon juice would give a consistent citrus flavour without the texture 🙂

  5. @perther3 In your first comment you basically said that just because the juice is better than the zest, the zest shouldn't be used which only someone retarted would say.

  6. @perther3 So it shouldn't be used just because its not the best part? That's a very stupid comment. It's like saying ''I never understood the deal with chicken breast. The thigh is the best part. Just use the thigh.''
    Again, very stupid