“7 mithai shops in Karachi”

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As you know, mithai is an integral part of celebrations in our part of the world. Whether its Eid, a wedding, job promotion or any other event we Pakistani celebrate it with sweets. But the question is where to find good mithai?

So here are some good mithai shops for the people of Karachi.

  1. Sohny Sweets & Bakers 

This delightful sweet shop can be found nestled in Block 7 of Clifton. It’s known for its outstandingGulab Jamun and Cham Cham. Visit their facebook page for some pretty amazing deals.


  1. Dacca Bakers and Sweets 

This confectionery shop is truly a ‘sweets heaven’. Situated in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Dacca Bakers and Sweets provides one of the best mithais in town. Their Rasgullay and Sohan Halwa are very popular among customers.


  1. Dilpasand Sweets and Bakers 

Selling mithai since 1957, the Dilpasand franchise has several branches across Karachi. It’s famous for its jaw-dropping imartis.


  1. Bhashani Sweet

This lovely confectionery shop is located on Burns Road. Their Kaju Barfi to die for.


  1. Fresco Sweets

Fresco is one the oldest mithai shops in Karachi with branches in Saddar, PECHS and Burns road. Their kalakand is their bestselling item.


  1. Rehmat-e-Shereen

This mithai shop has been selling its delights in Tariq Road and North Karachi for decades. They have some amazingly delicious sweets but their moti chur laddoo tops them all.

  1. Mahmood Sweets

Located in Badar Commercial and Federal B Area, this shop is also among the most popular ones in the city. Their coconut barfi is very famous.

Well for us Karachites this is not enough but for now we can work on it.


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