Karachi is undoubtedly the hub of authentic Barbecue flavors, ranging from the tender and juicy beef/mutton to sizzling and spicy charghas and salam bakras! If you want a trip to the flavor town so, here is the best bbq places.


Bundoo Khan has truly been an epitome of perfection when it comes to authentic barbecue and that EXTRA desi-ness and love of food in Karachi. From Chicken tikkas to gola kababs and malai botis with the side of chatni, salad and raita, the food will assure you to make you cry in joy!

bundo khan


The BBQ range straight out of the grill or the kebabs straight out of seekhs, or the koyla karhai being the boss of the day, there’s literally no stopping Meerut from producing the flavor mastery! It is the best place to have the juiciest bbq in the city.



Waheed is a must if you have a thing for fried kebabs draped in the flavors of buttery goodness! It is located at the famous food street boat basin. All these delicious numbers of kebabs from Waheed’s make the locals and the tourists go in crazy with the tender loving flavors!


waheed kabab house

BBQ Tonight:

BBQ Tonight is a Karachi institution. With four floors of seating plus rooftop seating, it’s absolutely massive but retains the same quality of food. Their mutton chops, seekh kebab, Behari kebab and beef ribs are excellent. They also serve delicious and amazing prawn masala and Afghani boti.

bbq tonight


Kolachi is the best desi food in the city. The aroma that wafts is a testament to that, alongside Kolachi’s countless admirers. Besides, you get a breathtaking view while you dine. Doesn’t get any better.


Zameer Ansari:

Zameer Ansari BBQ is some of the best in town. Must-try items include their dhaga kebab, reshmi kebab and chicken malai boti. Add a little chutney and a  fried puri paratha for a memorable meal even if you do end up and eating in the car because seating can be an issue there.

zameer ansari

Enjoy it!

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