Chicken pizza

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2 cup maida

1 Tbsp yeast

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

1 cup hulka garam pani

Mix all and make a dough. To make it fine add 1 Tbsp of ITALIA OLIVE oil


250 gram chicken ko cubes main kaat lain, ITALIA OLIVE oil daal kar bhoon lain. Sath main salt pepper aur soya sauce add krain.

Dry ho jaey to uttar lain.

Chadder cheese aik tikiya lay kar ( choti wali ) shred kar lain.

Vegetables kaat lain. Jo pasand hain. Me nay tomato, capsicum, ITALIA black olive dalay hain.

Ab plate pay ITALIA OLIVE oil ki brushing kar kay rise hue hue dough laga dain.

Uper ketchup ki layer, uper chicken kay pieces, uper vegetables aur last main cheese.

Ab pre heated oven main 20 _ 25 bake kar lain.


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