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Discover the tantalizing flavors of Mechelen, Belgium with our curated list of the top 10 best burgers in town. Indulge in mouthwatering patties, artisanal buns, and delectable toppings that will satisfy your burger cravings. From classic cheeseburgers to gourmet creations, find your perfect match and elevate your culinary experience in Mechelen.

  1. Il Cardinale: Known for their gourmet burgers and high-quality ingredients.
  2. Be Burger: Offers a wide variety of burger options with unique and creative combinations.
  3. De Burgerij: A popular burger place with a cozy atmosphere, known for their flavorful burgers and homemade sauces.
  4. Burgers & Booze: Offers a range of delicious burgers accompanied by a selection of craft beers.
  5. Ellis Gourmet Burger: Known for their high-quality burgers made with fresh ingredients.
  6. Fitchen: Specializes in healthy and sustainable burgers, using locally sourced ingredients. Website:
  7. Lucy Chang: While primarily an Asian fusion restaurant, they also serve excellent burgers with an Asian twist.
  8. Balls & Glory: Famous for their meatballs, they also serve a range of tasty burgers with unique fillings.
  9. Uncle Phil’s: A popular American-style burger joint with generous portion sizes and a variety of toppings.
  10. Grill Masters Mechelen: Offers a range of classic and gourmet burgers cooked to perfection on the grill.


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