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33 Responses

  1. nobody can say she doesn't know how to par boil some noodles. At least they're not all portioned out in plastic bags. Let those noodles take on all the flavors and aromas that the walk-in has to offer, and Then serve it to people. That's how they do it in Italy!

  2. "Cooks in how long?"
    "3 minutes!"
    "90 seconds!!!"
    break out my own pot and spaghetti…well i'll be damned, it does only take 90 seconds. This not even amateur cook followed Chef Ramsey's instructions and i didn't end up throwing my hands into the air like it was some fucking magic from harry potter.

  3. And here I thought the restaurant I used to work at was bad. At least at my old work place they where honest about their shit quality. You all would be disgusted by how they prepare their dishes and how much they charge for it. Soups go between 6-7 euros per cup and they soup comes in frozen, and is just heated up in a pan. The pasta dishes are the worst. They don't cook pasta in boiling water, but rather steam it in one of those large "all you can cook" ovens, usually for 50 portions at once. Then they freeze the pasta and only take out the portion when needed, defrosting it in the microwave. It was disgusting that they charge customers 12 euros per plate.

  4. omg… it takes 3 min to cook. thats a reasonable amount of time to wait. now if someone ordered this much pasta at once and you had to wait three hours, then i could understand pre cooking it.