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KFC New Sheriff Kentucky Burger Is The Best From The West

Hiya! Today we will discuss about KFC New Sheriff Kentucky Burger Is The Best From The West

When we talk about burgers one cannot ignore the fact that KFC make the best burgers in town. Yet again KFC is back with a new burger, KENTUCKY BURGER. The new sheriff burger is undoubtedly one of the best creations of KFC up-till now.

About the burger:

Since for last few months KFC is coming with great innovative ideas and so far this is the best innovation by KFC. It is the perfect blend of western flavors and is ideal for satisfying your taste-buds. It is a combination of one of the best burgers KFC have “ZINGER”. It has ZInger fillet with Beef Pepperoni. It is the the first time KFC has introduced Beef Pepperoni in their burgers. To add more flavors to your taste buds KFC has used cheese and bar-b-q sauce and caramelized onion along with the sesame seeds over the bun, this is yet another new innovation done by KFC.

Pocket Friendly:


KFC mission is to give value to the people and for that Kentucky Burger is pocket friendly for everyone. The burger cost for Rs. 390 , which is affordable for all ages.

Final Verdict: 

If you are burger enthusiastic then KFC’s KENTUCKY BURGER is a must try !

KFC New Sheriff Kentucky Burger Is The Best From The West

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