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Food and cricket together : Top 5 restaurants in Karachi with delicious food and PSL screening

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Hiya! Today we will discuss about Food and cricket together : Top 5 restaurants in Karachi with delicious food and PSL screening

We as a Pakistani are going crazy about cricket these days due to PSL and one cannot ignore the fact that if you are watching the match on screens you need some snacks , meal or chai to keep you pump through out the match.

Here are few restaurants of Karachi we have listed below , where you can enjoy food , chai and thrilling PSL2018 matches together:

S.O.S Season of smiles:

SOS is found ideal over the street from Dolmen Mall Clifton yet it’s not quite the same as every one of those keep running of the shopping center chai walas being opened right left and focus. They have an inviting stylistic ambiance and  seats (most essential for those long matches) where you can sit and appreciate the PSL 2018 matches in the stunning Sea breeze. Their new menu makes them dribble with loads of choices to look over among BBQ, waffles, rolls, and chaats. In addition, they offer parathas made with olive oil so you get the opportunity to have them faultless.


Wing itt:

Cricket fever is running high and Wingitt has gotten on. You get the opportunity to appreciate all the energizing snapshots of PSL 2018 with their astonishing wings and selective arrangements.


Dolmen Food Court:

What with the deal season going ahead, on one hand, and the PSL coordinates on the other, you would prefer not to pass up a major opportunity for either. Gratefully, Dolmen Mall is screening Live PSL coordinates in the Food Courts with the goal that spares you the issue




Taste on your most loved tea at Chotu Chaiwala and crunch on their yummy bun kebabs at the same time viewing your most loved Psl team in real life Live, on the extra large screen.


At Chaaye Khana, not exclusively do you get the opportunity to see PSL  live but at the same time they’re directing this fun amusement where you can get rebates amid PSL’s live matches. You should simply pick one group and assign one most loved batsman and bowler on the group. Your table would get an aggregate markdown on your bill as indicated by the score that player makes or the wickets he takes!

Food and cricket together : Top 5 restaurants in Karachi with delicious food and PSL screening

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