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Early Life and Education

Stephen Essuon was born in Bechem, a small town in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana. Growing up in a traditional Ghanaian family, he was exposed to the vibrant culinary culture of his homeland from an early age. As a child, he frequently watched his mother prepare delicious meals for the family and developed a passion for cooking.

Essuon attended the local Bechem High School, where he excelled academically. However, his true passion lay in the culinary arts, and he knew that he wanted to pursue a career as a professional chef. After graduating from high school, Essuon enrolled in the prestigious Ghana Institute of Catering and Hotel Management in Accra.

Early Career and Culinary Training

During his time at the Ghana Institute of Catering and Hotel Management, Essuon underwent extensive training in various aspects of the culinary arts. He learned the fundamentals of cooking, including knife skills, food safety, and proper techniques for preparing a wide range of dishes.

Through internships and practical training, Essuon had the opportunity to work in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Accra. This hands-on experience allowed him to sharpen his skills and gain valuable insights into the professional culinary world.

Exploring International Cuisines

Following his graduation, Essuon decided to broaden his culinary horizons by exploring international cuisines. He traveled to Europe and Asia, where he worked in renowned restaurants and studied under renowned chefs.

In Europe, Essuon spent several months working in Michelin-starred restaurants in France, Italy, and Spain. He immersed himself in the rich traditions and techniques of French cuisine, learning to embrace simplicity and quality in his creations. In Italy, he delved into the art of making fresh pasta and explored the diverse regional flavors of the country. In Spain, Essuon learned about the avant-garde techniques of molecular gastronomy, a field that fascinated him.

From Europe, Essuon journeyed to Asia, where he spent time in Thailand, China, and Japan. In Thailand, he discovered the harmonious balance of flavors in Thai cuisine and the significance of fresh herbs and spices. In China, he honed his skills in stir-frying, noodle-making, and mastering complex flavor profiles. In Tokyo, Essuon studied under sushi master chefs and gained a deep appreciation for the precision and simplicity of Japanese cuisine.

Returning to Ghana and Establishing His Career

After years of international culinary exploration and training, Essuon felt a strong urge to return to his homeland and share his newfound knowledge and skills with his fellow Ghanaians. In 2010, he returned to Ghana and established his own restaurant in Accra, aiming to introduce the people of Ghana to a fusion of international and traditional Ghanaian dishes.

His restaurant, named “Essuon’s Culinary Delights,” quickly gained a reputation for its innovative menu and commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. Essuon’s creations blended the bold flavors of Ghanaian cuisine with techniques he had learned from around the world, resulting in unique culinary masterpieces that delighted his guests.

He also became actively involved in advocating for the recognition of Ghanaian cuisine on the global stage. Essuon organized cooking workshops and demonstrations, participated in international culinary festivals, and worked closely with local farmers to promote sustainable farming practices.

Achievements and Recognition

Throughout his career, Chef Stephen Essuon has received numerous accolades and recognition for his contributions to the culinary world. In 2015, he was awarded the Ghanaian Chef of the Year by the Ghana Culinary Association, acknowledging his exceptional culinary skills and dedication to the Ghanaian culinary scene.

Furthermore, his restaurant, Essuon’s Culinary Delights, has been featured in several prestigious publications, including “Food and Wine Magazine” and “Essence.” Essuon has also made appearances on several television shows, where he showcased his creativity and passion for cooking.

Philanthropic Work

Beyond his culinary achievements, Essuon is deeply committed to giving back to his community. He regularly conducts cooking workshops for underprivileged youth, providing them with valuable culinary skills and career opportunities in the hospitality industry.

In addition, Essuon actively supports local farmers and promotes the use of organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. He believes in the importance of preserving Ghana’s culinary heritage and encouraging sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the community.


Chef Stephen Essuon’s journey from a small town in Ghana to becoming a renowned chef and ambassador for Ghanaian cuisine demonstrates his passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Through his culinary creations, he has successfully introduced both locals and foreigners alike to the rich flavors and cultural diversity of Ghanaian cuisine. Essuon’s remarkable achievements and philanthropic endeavors continue to leave a lasting impact on the culinary world and inspire aspiring chefs in Ghana and beyond.

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