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Discover the culinary journey of Chef Ron Blaauw, a renowned Dutch chef celebrated for his innovative approach to gastronomy. From his humble beginnings in the Netherlands to establishing Michelin-starred restaurants, delve into the story of Chef Blaauw’s passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences. Explore his innovative techniques, commitment to quality ingredients, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of Dutch cuisine. Immerse yourself in the world of Chef Ron Blaauw and experience the extraordinary flavors that have made him a true icon in the Netherlands’ culinary scene.


Ron Blaauw is a well-known Dutch chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the culinary industry in the Netherlands. He is famous for his innovative and contemporary take on Dutch cuisine, and his culinary philosophy that emphasizes the use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Blaauw has achieved numerous accolades and awards throughout his career, including two Michelin stars for his eponymous restaurant, Ron Blaauw. In this biography, we will explore the life and career of Ron Blaauw, his early years, culinary training, restaurant ventures, and his approach to cooking.

Early Life and Education:

Ron Blaauw was born on July 5th, 1966, in the small village of Oude Wetering in the province of South Holland, Netherlands. His parents owned a small café, where he spent a lot of time as a child, learning about the hospitality industry. Blaauw showed an early interest in cooking and began working in a local restaurant as a dishwasher when he was just 14 years old. He quickly moved up the ranks and began working as a sous chef at the age of 18.

After completing his high school education, Blaauw attended culinary school in Leiden, where he honed his skills and gained a deeper understanding of food and cooking techniques. He was passionate about learning and dedicated himself to his studies, often working late into the night to perfect his craft.

Culinary Training and Early Career:

After completing his culinary education, Blaauw began his professional career as a chef in several renowned restaurants across the Netherlands. His first job was at the Restaurant De Nederlanden in Vreeland, where he worked under the tutelage of chef Wilco Berends. He then moved on to work at the La Rive restaurant in Amsterdam, where he worked as a sous chef under Chef Edwin Kats.

Blaauw’s talent and passion for cooking quickly caught the attention of the culinary world, and in 1995, he was appointed as the head chef of the Amstel Hotel’s restaurant, where he earned his first Michelin star in 1997. His innovative and modern approach to cooking, which emphasized the use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, proved to be a hit with diners and critics alike.

Restaurant Ventures:

In 2002, Blaauw left the Amstel Hotel to open his own restaurant, Ron Blaauw. The restaurant quickly gained popularity, and in 2004, it was awarded two Michelin stars, making Blaauw one of the youngest chefs in the Netherlands to achieve this distinction. The restaurant’s success was due in large part to Blaauw’s commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and his innovative approach to Dutch cuisine.

In 2007, Blaauw decided to sell his shares in Ron Blaauw to pursue new culinary ventures. He opened a new restaurant, called Ron Gastrobar, which focused on small plates and shared dining experiences. The restaurant was an instant success, and in 2010, it was awarded a Bib Gourmand by the Michelin Guide. Blaauw later expanded the Ron Gastrobar concept to other locations across the Netherlands, including Ron Gastrobar Oriental and Ron Gastrobar Indonesia.

In addition to his restaurants, Blaauw has also launched several other culinary ventures, including a catering company and a cooking school. He is also the author of several cookbooks, including Ron Blaauw kookt (Ron Blaauw Cooks), which was published in 2005 and received widespread critical acclaim.


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