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Discover the culinary journey of Chef Richard Ekkebus, an acclaimed Dutch chef known for his exceptional gastronomic creations. Delve into his remarkable career and innovative culinary philosophy that has made him a prominent figure in the Netherlands’ culinary scene. Explore his passion for sourcing the finest ingredients, his culinary inspirations, and the unique dining experiences he has crafted. Immerse yourself in the world of Chef Richard Ekkebus, where innovation, artistry, and exquisite flavors blend seamlessly to create unforgettable culinary masterpieces.

Chef Richard Ekkebus is an acclaimed Dutch chef who is known for his innovative cooking style, creative use of ingredients, and commitment to sustainability. Over the years, he has established himself as one of the leading chefs in the world, earning numerous awards and accolades for his culinary creations.

Early Life and Career:

Richard Ekkebus was born in the Netherlands in 1971. Growing up, he was always interested in cooking and spent much of his free time experimenting with different recipes and techniques in the kitchen. Despite this passion, he initially pursued a degree in business administration before ultimately deciding to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

Ekkebus began his culinary career in 1991, when he took a job as a commis chef at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. There, he worked under the guidance of renowned chefs like Robert Kranenborg and Roger Souvereyns, who helped him refine his skills and develop his own unique style of cooking.

In 1994, Ekkebus left the Amstel Hotel to work at the Auberge du Bonheur in Tilburg, where he spent several years working his way up the ranks. He later worked at a number of other top restaurants in the Netherlands, including De Bokkedoorns, Oud Sluis, and De Librije, before eventually moving to Hong Kong in 2005 to take the position of executive chef at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Career in Hong Kong:

At the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Ekkebus quickly established himself as one of the top chefs in the city. He focused on using locally-sourced ingredients, and his innovative cooking style drew in diners from around the world. His commitment to sustainability and his use of organic, seasonal ingredients also helped him build a reputation as an environmentally-conscious chef.

One of Ekkebus’s most famous dishes at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental was his Amberjack fish dish, which featured Amberjack marinated in ginger and soy sauce, served with a light foam made from miso, sake and yuzu, and garnished with shiso and avocado. The dish quickly became one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, and it helped solidify Ekkebus’s reputation as a master of Asian-inspired cuisine.

Under Ekkebus’s leadership, the Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s restaurant, Amber, quickly became one of the top restaurants in Asia, earning numerous awards and accolades from prestigious culinary organizations like the Michelin Guide and the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

In 2017, Ekkebus and the team at Amber earned the coveted three Michelin stars, making him the first Dutch chef to ever achieve this distinction in Asia. The restaurant was also ranked #24 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list that year, and it has consistently been ranked among the top restaurants in Asia since Ekkebus took over as executive chef.

Ekkebus has also been recognized for his commitment to sustainability and his use of locally-sourced ingredients. In 2019, he was awarded the World’s 50 Best Sustainable Restaurant Award, which recognizes restaurants that are committed to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Personal Life and Philosophy:

Ekkebus is known for his down-to-earth personality and his dedication to his craft. He is passionate about using high-quality, sustainable ingredients, and he believes that cooking should be a celebration of nature and the environment.

In addition to his work at Amber, Ekkebus is also involved in a number of charitable initiatives. He has worked with organizations like the Hong Kong Cancer Fund and the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help raise money and awareness for important causes.


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