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Discover the culinary journey of Chef Myrna Segismundo, a renowned Filipino chef who has left an indelible mark on the culinary scene in the Philippines. From her early days mastering the art of traditional Filipino cuisine to her innovative approaches in blending local flavors with international techniques, Chef Myrna’s passion and expertise shine through her delectable creations. Explore her inspiring story, achievements, and contributions to Filipino gastronomy, and get a taste of her culinary genius through this captivating biography.


Chef Myrna Segismundo is an exceptional culinary artist whose mastery of Filipino cuisine has propelled her to the forefront of the culinary world. With a deep-rooted passion for the rich flavors and diverse ingredients of the Philippines, Chef Myrna has seamlessly merged traditional Filipino dishes with her innovative techniques, creating a unique gastronomic experience that delights the senses. Through her culinary journey, she has become an influential figure in the Philippines, elevating Filipino cuisine to new heights and inspiring aspiring chefs worldwide. This biography will delve into the life, accomplishments, and culinary philosophy of Chef Myrna Segismundo.

Early Life and Influences:

Born on November 29, 1964, in Manila, Philippines, Myrna Segismundo grew up in a household steeped in culinary traditions. Her parents, both passionate cooks, instilled in her a deep appreciation for food and its ability to bring people together. As a young girl, Chef Myrna would often assist her mother in the kitchen, observing the delicate balance of flavors and the meticulous techniques required to create memorable dishes.

Chef Myrna’s culinary journey truly began during her college years when she pursued a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration at the University of the Philippines. It was during this time that she realized her calling and decided to dedicate her life to the culinary arts. As part of her training, she embarked on an internship at the Intercontinental Manila, where she honed her skills under the guidance of renowned chefs.

Culinary Education and Professional Development:

After completing her degree, Chef Myrna continued her culinary education by enrolling in the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York. This experience exposed her to a diverse range of international cuisines and expanded her culinary horizons. Under the tutelage of esteemed chefs, she mastered the foundations of classical French techniques, which would later serve as the backbone of her culinary creations.

Upon returning to the Philippines, Chef Myrna began her professional career, working at various esteemed establishments such as The Manila Peninsula Hotel and Café Ysabel. These experiences allowed her to refine her skills and develop a keen understanding of the intricacies of Filipino cuisine. Inspired by her mentors and armed with a wealth of knowledge, she embarked on a mission to elevate Filipino cuisine to a level that would garner global recognition.

Culinary Style and Contributions:

Chef Myrna’s culinary style can be best described as a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Filipino flavors and ingredients, she crafts dishes that pay homage to tradition while pushing the boundaries of creativity. Her dishes exhibit a deep respect for the unique characteristics of Filipino cuisine, focusing on the meticulous balance of sour, salty, sweet, and bitter flavors.

One of Chef Myrna’s most significant contributions to Filipino cuisine is her relentless advocacy for the preservation and promotion of local ingredients. She works closely with local farmers, fishermen, and indigenous communities, championing their produce and empowering them through sustainable practices. By showcasing these ingredients in her dishes, she highlights the richness and diversity of Filipino culinary heritage.

Throughout her career, Chef Myrna has received numerous accolades and recognition for her culinary prowess. She has represented the Philippines in various international culinary competitions, showcasing the country’s vibrant cuisine on a global stage. Her efforts have not only earned her acclaim but have also paved the way for other Filipino chefs to gain recognition worldwide.


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