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Early Life and Background

Mary Adoma, a renowned chef hailing from Sefwi Wiawso in Ghana, was born on the 15th of June, 1985. From a young age, she displayed a keen interest in cooking, often helping her mother in the kitchen and experimenting with different flavors and ingredients.

Education and Training

Adoma pursued her passion for cooking by enrolling in the Sefwi Wiawso Culinary School, where she obtained her formal culinary education. Under the guidance of experienced chefs, she developed a solid foundation in various culinary techniques, food safety, nutrition, and menu planning.

Wanting to broaden her culinary horizons, Adoma decided to pursue further training abroad. She was fortunate enough to secure a scholarship to attend the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. The opportunity to study at such a renowned institution allowed her to refine her skills, learn from esteemed chefs, and immerse herself in different culinary traditions.

Early Career

After completing her studies at Le Cordon Bleu, Adoma returned to her hometown in Sefwi Wiawso, eager to share her newfound knowledge and passion for cooking with her community. She joined a local restaurant as a sous-chef, where she quickly proved her skills and creativity in the kitchen.

Adoma’s culinary expertise gained recognition not only within her community but also in neighboring towns. Her unique take on traditional Ghanaian cuisine, combined with international flavors, attracted a loyal following of food enthusiasts.

Establishment of Mary’s Fine Dining

In 2010, Adoma took a leap of faith and decided to open her own restaurant, Mary’s Fine Dining, in Sefwi Wiawso. The establishment aimed to provide a distinctive dining experience that showcased the fusion of Ghanaian and international cuisines.

The restaurant soon became a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Adoma’s culinary creations, characterized by their exquisite presentation and complex flavor profiles, garnered critical acclaim, earning Mary’s Fine Dining a spot on the list of top restaurants in Ghana.

Culinary Philosophy and Signature Dishes

Adoma’s culinary philosophy revolves around using locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create flavorful dishes that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Ghana. She firmly believes in elevating traditional recipes with modern techniques and innovative combinations.

One of her signature dishes, “Nkate Nkwan,” showcases her ability to blend traditional and contemporary flavors. It is a dish inspired by the Ghanaian groundnut soup, infused with hints of Thai influence. Adoma expertly combines roasted peanuts, ginger, lemongrass, and Ghanaian spices to create a harmonious symphony of flavors.

Recognition and Awards

Adoma’s culinary talent has not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous accolades and awards for her contributions to the Ghanaian culinary scene. In 2015, she was awarded the prestigious “Chef of the Year” title at the Ghana Food and Drink Awards.

Furthermore, she has been invited to showcase her culinary skills at various international food festivals and has participated in culinary competitions, representing Ghana on a global scale. Adoma’s achievements have inspired aspiring chefs in her community and have contributed to a renewed interest in Ghanaian cuisine.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Adoma is passionate about giving back to her community and empowering aspiring chefs. She frequently organizes cooking workshops and mentorship programs for aspiring culinary professionals, aiming to nurture and promote local talent.

Additionally, she actively supports local farmers by sourcing the majority of her ingredients from nearby markets, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices and boosting the local economy.

Impact on Ghanaian Culinary Scene

Mary Adoma’s contributions to the Ghanaian culinary scene have been significant. Her innovative approach to traditional dishes and dedication to showcasing the diverse flavors of Ghana have elevated the country’s culinary reputation on a global level.

Adoma has become a culinary ambassador, representing Ghana’s vibrant food culture, not only within the country but also internationally. Through her passion, talent, and commitment to excellence, she continues to inspire and influence aspiring chefs, helping to shape the future of Ghanaian cuisine.

Personal Life and Legacy

Outside of her culinary endeavors, Mary Adoma leads a balanced life. She is a dedicated mother to her two children and believes in nurturing their passion for food and cooking from an early age.

As for her legacy, Adoma hopes to establish a culinary institute in Sefwi Wiawso to provide aspiring chefs with access to world-class culinary education. She envisions a generation of talented chefs emerging from her community, who will continue to push the boundaries of Ghanaian cuisine.


Chef Mary Adoma’s journey from a small town in Ghana to becoming a culinary icon is truly inspiring. Her relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, dedication to preserving Ghanaian food traditions, and commitment to her community have shaped her into an influential figure in the culinary world. Undoubtedly, Chef Mary Adoma will continue to leave an indelible mark on the Ghanaian culinary scene for years to come.

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