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Early Life and Education

Kofi Akpabli was born and raised in Ho, a vibrant city located in the Volta Region of Ghana. From a young age, he developed a passion for cooking, inspired by his grandmother’s delicious meals. This early exposure to the culinary world ignited his desire to become a renowned chef.

After completing his primary and secondary education in Ho, Kofi decided to pursue a degree in culinary arts. He enrolled at the prestigious Accra Institute of Technology, where he honed his skills in the kitchen and learned various culinary techniques from experienced chefs. During his time at the institute, Kofi consistently ranked among the top students and demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity.

Career Beginnings

After graduating, Kofi Akpabli embarked on his culinary journey, starting as a sous chef at a renowned restaurant in Accra. Working alongside seasoned chefs, he gained invaluable experience and expanded his knowledge of different cuisines from around the world.

Kofi’s dedication and commitment to his craft did not go unnoticed. His talent and passion for cooking quickly caught the attention of prominent chefs and restaurant owners, leading him to be offered an executive chef position at a luxury hotel in Accra. This was a turning point in his career, as he had the opportunity to develop and showcase his culinary expertise to a wider audience.

Recognition and Awards

As Chef Kofi continued to excel in his profession, his name became synonymous with culinary excellence in Ghana. His innovative approach to cooking, blending traditional Ghanaian flavors with international techniques, garnered attention and recognition from prestigious organizations and industry experts.

In 2015, Chef Kofi Akpabli was awarded the Ghana Chef of the Year by the National Culinary Association of Ghana. This accolade showcased his exceptional skills and solidified his position as one of the finest chefs in the country. He was also invited to participate in various culinary competitions and festivals, both locally and internationally, where he showcased his unique culinary creations.

Television Appearances and Books

With his growing reputation and popularity, Chef Kofi Akpabli was offered several opportunities in the media industry. He made frequent appearances as a guest chef on popular cooking shows, where he shared his expertise, unique recipes, and cooking tips with viewers. His charismatic personality and ability to connect with the audience made him a beloved figure in the culinary world.

In addition to his television appearances, Chef Kofi authored multiple cookbooks that gained widespread acclaim for his innovative recipes and storytelling. His books, infused with Ghanaian culture and traditions, not only showcased his culinary prowess but also served as a platform to promote Ghanaian cuisine on a global scale.

Social and Humanitarian Work

Beyond his culinary achievements, Chef Kofi Akpabli has also actively engaged in social and humanitarian work. He recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and has been involved in various initiatives aimed at empowering aspiring chefs and disadvantaged individuals.

Chef Kofi has conducted numerous culinary workshops and training programs for underprivileged youth, providing them with valuable culinary skills and the opportunity to pursue a career in the culinary arts. He has also been an advocate for local farmers and ingredients, promoting sustainable and ethical practices within the food industry.

Current Endeavors

As of today, Chef Kofi Akpabli continues to inspire individuals through his culinary creations and passion for Ghanaian cuisine. He remains an influential figure in the culinary industry, partnering with renowned restaurants and organizations to promote Ghanaian flavors on a global scale.

His dedication to showcasing the richness of Ghanaian cuisine has led him to explore the world of food tourism, organizing culinary tours that allow enthusiasts to experience the vibrant food culture of Ghana firsthand. Through these initiatives, Chef Kofi aims to shed light on the diverse culinary traditions and empower local communities.


Chef Kofi Akpabli’s journey from his humble beginnings in Ho to becoming a celebrated chef has been nothing short of remarkable. His relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, combined with his dedication to promoting Ghanaian cuisine, has solidified his position as a culinary icon in Ghana and beyond.

From his award-winning recipes to his humanitarian efforts, Chef Kofi continues to inspire aspiring chefs, uplift his community, and contribute to the culinary landscape of Ghana. His remarkable achievements serve as a testament to the power of passion and hard work, reminding us all that dreams can be turned into reality with determination and perseverance.

With each dish he creates, Chef Kofi Akpabli leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and taste buds of those fortunate enough to savor his culinary works of art.

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