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Early Life

Chef Jonas Tawiah was born and raised in Kade, Ghana, a small town located in the Eastern Region of the country. Born into a family of humble means, he discovered his passion for cooking at a very young age. Growing up, he would often assist his grandmother in the kitchen, watching her prepare delicious traditional dishes for the family.

Culinary Education

Driven by his passion for cooking, Chef Jonas Tawiah pursued formal culinary training at the prestigious Chef’s Academy in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. There, he honed his skills, learning various cooking techniques and becoming well-versed in both local and international cuisine.

Early Career

After completing his culinary education, Chef Jonas Tawiah embarked on his professional career, working as a chef in several renowned restaurants and hotels in Accra. He gained valuable experience and exposure to different culinary styles and cuisines during this time, further expanding his knowledge and skill set.

Returning to Kade

Despite his success in Accra, Chef Jonas Tawiah felt a strong desire to return to his roots in Kade. With a vision of combining his culinary expertise with the flavors and ingredients of his hometown, he decided to open his own restaurant in Kade. This marked the beginning of his journey as a prominent chef in his community.

The Birth of Tawiah’s Kitchen

In 2010, Chef Jonas Tawiah established his restaurant, Tawiah’s Kitchen, in the heart of Kade. The restaurant quickly gained popularity for its unique blend of traditional Ghanaian dishes infused with Chef Tawiah’s creative touch. His innovative approach to cooking, along with his dedication to sourcing the freshest local ingredients, set Tawiah’s Kitchen apart from other establishments in the area.

Recognition and Awards

Chef Jonas Tawiah’s culinary talents did not go unnoticed. His restaurant, Tawiah’s Kitchen, started receiving rave reviews from both local and international food critics. In recognition of his exceptional culinary skills, Chef Tawiah received the “Best Chef in the Eastern Region” award at the Ghana Culinary Awards in 2014.

Community Engagement

In addition to his culinary endeavors, Chef Jonas Tawiah has always been actively involved in his community. He strongly believes in giving back and has taken various initiatives to uplift the lives of those in need. He regularly conducts cooking workshops for aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts in the community, sharing his knowledge and passion.

Philosophy and Cooking Style

Chef Jonas Tawiah’s approach to cooking is deeply rooted in his upbringing and love for his hometown. He strongly believes in showcasing the flavors and ingredients of Kade and the broader Ghanaian region in his dishes. His commitment to using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients not only supports the local economy but also ensures the freshness and authenticity of his creations.

Television Appearances and Cookbook

Chef Jonas Tawiah’s culinary expertise and engaging personality caught the attention of television producers, leading to numerous appearances on popular Ghanaian cooking shows. His ability to connect with the audience and share his passion for cooking made him a beloved figure in the culinary scene.

In 2018, Chef Tawiah published his first cookbook, “Flavors of Kade: A Culinary Journey.” This cookbook captures his signature dishes, featuring traditional Ghanaian recipes with a modern twist. It quickly became a bestseller, inspiring home cooks to recreate his delicious creations in their own kitchens.

Impact and Legacy

Chef Jonas Tawiah’s contributions to the culinary world and his community have left a lasting impact. His innovative approach to Ghanaian cuisine has garnered recognition not only within Ghana but also on an international scale. Through his dedication and talent, he has put Kade on the culinary map, attracting tourists and food enthusiasts eager to experience the unique flavors of the region.

As Chef Tawiah continues to inspire and uplift others through his cooking, he remains dedicated to promoting Ghanaian cuisine and showcasing the untapped culinary treasures of his homeland to the world.


Chef Jonas Tawiah’s journey from a young boy assisting his grandmother in the kitchen to becoming a renowned chef and advocate for Ghanaian cuisine is a testament to his talent, passion, and determination. His commitment to his community and innovative approach to cooking have made him a beloved figure in the culinary world. Chef Tawiah’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring chefs and underscores the importance of embracing one’s cultural heritage in the pursuit of culinary excellence.

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