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Discover the extraordinary culinary journey of renowned Norwegian chef Eyvind Hellstrøm. From his humble beginnings to becoming a celebrated figure in the world of gastronomy, delve into his life, passion for cooking, and transformative culinary creations. Uncover the secrets behind his innovative techniques and profound influence on Norwegian cuisine. Immerse yourself in the captivating story of Chef Eyvind Hellstrøm, a true culinary maestro, through this engaging biography.


Eyvind Hellstrøm, a legendary figure in the culinary world, is widely regarded as one of Norway’s most influential chefs. With his innovative cooking techniques, uncompromising pursuit of excellence, and deep respect for traditional Norwegian ingredients, Hellstrøm has played a pivotal role in transforming the country’s culinary landscape. This biography delves into the life and achievements of Eyvind Hellstrøm, tracing his remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned chef, restaurateur, and culinary mentor.

Early Life and Culinary Beginnings:

Born on February 2, 1948, in Farsund, a small coastal town in southern Norway, Eyvind Hellstrøm developed a fascination for food at a young age. Growing up in a family that valued fresh, seasonal ingredients and traditional Norwegian recipes, Hellstrøm developed an early appreciation for the culinary arts. As a teenager, he worked in various restaurants, honing his skills and absorbing the secrets of the kitchen.

Culinary Education and Influences:

Hellstrøm’s culinary education began when he enrolled at Hotel School in Stavanger, Norway. There, he received formal training in the culinary arts, learning fundamental techniques, and discovering new flavors and ingredients. During this time, Hellstrøm was deeply inspired by the French culinary tradition, especially the work of esteemed French chefs such as Paul Bocuse and Michel Guérard.

French Culinary Odyssey:

Driven by a burning desire to refine his skills and broaden his culinary horizons, Hellstrøm embarked on a transformative journey to France. In the early 1970s, he arrived in Paris, where he immersed himself in the vibrant culinary scene. Hellstrøm worked at prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants such as La Pyramide and Le Crillon, gaining invaluable experience and mastering the art of French cooking.
Returning to Norway: Lysverket and the Rise to Stardom:
After nearly a decade in France, Hellstrøm decided to return to his native Norway, armed with a wealth of culinary knowledge and a burning passion to elevate Norwegian cuisine. In 1982, he opened his own restaurant, Lysverket, in Bergen. Lysverket quickly gained a reputation for its innovative approach to traditional Norwegian ingredients, with Hellstrøm incorporating his French culinary techniques into classic Norwegian dishes.

Michelin Stars and International Acclaim:

Hellstrøm’s dedication to culinary excellence and his relentless pursuit of perfection earned him international recognition. In 1983, Lysverket was awarded its first Michelin star, a significant achievement for a restaurant outside of Oslo. The prestigious accolade cemented Hellstrøm’s status as one of Norway’s leading culinary figures.

In the years that followed, Hellstrøm’s restaurant continued to garner praise, and in 1986, Lysverket received its second Michelin star, making it one of only two restaurants in Norway at the time to hold such an honor. Hellstrøm’s innovative approach to Norwegian cuisine, which involved a seamless fusion of traditional flavors and modern techniques, set a new standard for culinary excellence in the country.

The Art of Mentorship: Training the Next Generation:

Apart from his own culinary achievements, Eyvind Hellstrøm is revered for his commitment to mentorship and nurturing young talent in the culinary field. Through his cooking school, Hellstrøm has trained and inspired numerous aspiring chefs, imparting his knowledge and instilling in them a passion for Norwegian cuisine. Many of his protégés have gone on to become successful chefs in their own right, carrying forward Hellstrøm’s culinary legacy.


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