Best Halwa Puri Places In Lahore

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Pipping hot puris with chanae and halwa is a breakfast nothing can replace. The magic of fluffy and light puris is not something everyone can achieve which is why we bring you only the best of the best spots to enjoy halwa puri in Lahore.

Taj Mahal Sweets

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On Sundays, you can get best halwa puri only if you reach out to the Taj Mahal Sweets between 3:30 am to 1:30 pm. Taj Mahal Sweets is located nearby the Badshahi Mosque while entering the walled city through Taxali Gate. They serve 2 kinds of halwa. The one assorted with nuts and khoya and served with an amazing puri to complete the combo. Whereas, the other halwa is the plain one for those who don’t like the nuts halwa. Taj Mahal Sweets halwa puri is one of the best in Lahore and costs Rs. 20 per serving.

Chand Shahab Sweets

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Lahore has got various places for halwa puri. Another reasonable and famous for mouthwatering halwa puris place is “Chand Shahab Sweets.” You have to reach between 7 am to 12 pm in order to enjoy fresh halwa puris. The spot is located very close to Taxali Gate and on weekends it is jam-packed. They serve halwa puris only for Rs. 30 and also give mango pickles with it which adds a tangy flavor.

 Butt Sweets

Image source: Facebook 

Another recommended place for halwa puri is “Butt Sweets” which is located in Lakshmi Chowk and is always the center for local food. Their puri costs you only Rs. 15 per serving. Butt Sweets is one of the oldest puri places in Lahore as it is established back in 1947. Their halwa is delicious enough and then the puri makes it even better.

Capri Restaurant

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While counting halwa puri places how can we miss “Capri Resturant” – one of the famous breakfast places in Lahore? Capri Resturant is located opposite to Bandu Khan on MM Alam road, Lahore. Their entire breakfast menu is amazing while their halwa puri is one of the most recommended food items. The crispy hot puri served with the mouthwatering halwa is effortlessly irresistible for anyone. The channas are also of great taste. You can go for Lassi to complete the desi nashta. It would good if you reach Capri as early as 7 am on weekends in order to get sitting otherwise it would be difficult.

To get your hands on the best halwa puri in town one thing is for sure: You have to wake up early! 

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