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Best Birthday Celebration Places in Karachi

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Hiya! Today we will discuss about Best Birthday Celebration Places in Karachi

Looking for Birthday Celebration Places in Karachi? Birthdays are one of the most looked forward thing in karachi and so, celebrated the occasion of the life, the joy and excitement. However, choosing a right place to celebrate special occasions of life is certainly a difficult task if you are not much out going here in Karachi.

Best Birthday Celebration Places in Karachi

Mc donalds Sea View:

Mc Donald’s outlets spread throughout the city but the Sea View branch is particularly a better option for hosting birthday parties because of their separate party room for kids. The have package lots of fun filled activities from themed cards invitations to theme headbands and cakes plates.


With Balloons and ribbons and your favorite color theme, this eatery will make your birthday memorable! Bloomsbury is a place which provides a slew of savory dishes with complimentary decoration.

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Koffie Chalet:

Koffie Chalet is another appropriate option if you want to celebrate Birthday that perfectly fits in the budget, the perfectly placed LED balloons, ribbons, and birthday banner with scrumptious starters and delicious meals for main course as well to enhance your taste buds as well.

Rosati Bistro:

Who would mind to celebrate their birthday or their beloved one’s birthday under open sky with some mesmerizing ambiance. They provide free balloon decor on the house. Customers can avail photography services as well just in case you want to capture your event on reel.

Port Grand:

Port Grant offers numbers of activities to celebrate the birthday in your way which includes the basic Birthday party packages from food for HI Tea to a bunch of activities from circus to buggy ride, boat ride, cinema music, train ride and goodness of goody bags. To celebrate your loved one birthday in a special way you ll be provided with a specially reserved place where you go via boat.

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Best Birthday Celebration Places in Karachi

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