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As we all think about the yellow peel is just to make people fall but the Goodness of Banana peel is more than you think. 5 Benefits of Banana Peel after which you won’t throw it.

  1. Make Meat tender

When ever you cooking or making barbecue of boneless chicken steak just throw some banana peel on the top before putting it on the grill and The peel will tender the meat so that when you grill the chicken it will not just roast it from the outside. when Chicken barbecue get done you just call me.

2. high in Nutrition

Well they may look rotten but the Peel is actually nutritious  and store alot of vitamin B12 and B6 and fibre, potassium, magnesium and protein. So just wash the peel boil it for ten minutes so that the texture get soft and if you still dont wanna eat it just blend it to make thick paste.

3. Feed your Garden

The Gardeners always store the peel around the garden for many reasons like it feed nutrients to plants if you the peel into pieces and bury it around the plants. if you dig and bury the peel deeper and bury the plant upon the peel then the peel will protect the plant from mud bugs and insects.

4. Polish your Shoes

Potassium is the major ingredient of shoe Polish well it is the most cheap cleaning hack. just rub the inside peel on the shoe and then buff it with dry cotton cloth and your shoe will shine like a mirror.

5. Relax your Pain

Its is study on Banana peel which says its pressing the peel against bug bite, rash or sunburn  can give you relief.


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