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10 Healthy Foods for Kids in Pakistan that Children will love Eating

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Hiya! Today we will discuss about 10 Healthy Foods for Kids in Pakistan that Children will love Eating

The mother completely becomes a maniac that has to deal with all the tantrums of her children and one of the biggest nightmare is to make sure that the children have the nutritious and healthy yet delicious and attractive food. Following are 10 healthy foods for kids in Pakistan that you can incorporate in to fancy dishes that your kids can simply not resist and are equally healthy:

Milk:Most of the times children do not like having plain milk and to elevate this problem incorporate different fruits in to the milk and make milkshakes or add a bit of chocolate powder with low carbs amount, adding honey is also one of the healthiest attempt as honey itself has amazing therapeutic and healthy effects on the body.


Yes a very boring vegetable to even look at but extremely good for the eye sight and we are sure you definitely want a perfect eye sight for your child. The best way to utilize carrots is get its juice out add in some oranges for a taste development and Voila! You have the most exotic and nutritious drink for your child. Start it right away, winters is the carrot season.


No meat is better than fish, literally no meat! The most rich and purest form source of proteins which supports the skin, nails, hair and all which is protein in the body. Every cell of the body is about 40% to 60% protein. Some fish nuggets or plain finger fish is an amazing way to attract your children to eat the fish.


No, potatoes does not make you fat if eaten in controlled way. Potatoes are amazing source of folates which produce folic acid involved in red blood cells formation and Vitamin A.


These little angels are a source of protein and other components that prevent development of any heart disease at an early age. A bean salad with a fresh orange juice is what your child would need for a healthiness mid-day snack.


As we all know almonds are proven to boost brain activity and enhance memory, so an almond milk or plain dry roasted almonds could be one pf the delicious munching for your kids.

All that is green:

Green is particularly the color which most of the children hate on their meal plate but they are actually the source of compounds involved in boosting your child’s red blood cells growth and many body organs health maintenance. So salads, sauté veges are a perfect side dishes with the main course food.


There are 101 ways of making eggs look delicious and you should not ever skip them especially in your child’s breakfast. Its proteins are amazing for the reproductive organs maintenance and good hormonal balance of your child.


These are considered to be one complete meal. Dates have all the right amount of fiber, healthy carbs and energy that is instantly required by the body especially during early age. So keep that date milkshake going up, it’s healthy.

10 Healthy Foods for Kids in Pakistan that Children will love Eating

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