These days weather is being crazy everywhere. The whole Pakistan is at a shift. This time not only the northern or Punjab areas are having a peak cold weather but this time even the cities which faces the shortest time span of winter season or the ones which actually don’t get that typical extreme winters are also going through a very amazing winter situation. Karachi, Hyderabad, and other parts of Sindh faces the lowest of winter seasons. But this time they also got the chance of enjoying the hail storm and a very low temperature but that’s not all other cities like Islamabad, Murree, Lahore and others are also enjoying heavy winter rains and cold breeze.

But with every new season people turn towards the food which actually compliments that specific season. Like mostly in summers we prefer having lighter food and cold beverages where as winter is full of heavy and spicy food. So what to enjoy in this cold and amazingly romantic weather?

Here are few foods you can enjoy in this weather alone and with your friends, family or someone special:


Flag down your local thailay-waala for a bag of toasty warm peanuts and you’re set for the night. Breaking the shells and working to get to the tasty (and warm!) peanuts inside can be a hassle, but a little manual labour never hurt anybody. The satisfaction of toasty warm peanuts is well worth the effort.

2. Fried Fish

If you’re looking for something more filling than dry fruits and nuts, a little street food is the way to go. Fried fish is easily available at many ‘dhaabas’ and each one is likely to offer its own distinct flavor or masala. But the best fish to eat is in Karachi at Hassan square the famous Machali wala serves the best Fried Fish on the road side you can take it home or enjoy it there on the road side tables and chairs are placed.

3. Paaye

A popular dinner party choice, paaye is a great dish to serve for dinner in winter. It can be as spicy as you want, and if the cook is skilled enough, you can get the most out of its distinctively delicious flavor. Lahore’s food street would be your go to place to have the real taste of Pakistan. Their “Paaye’s “are to die for. Take my word for it. Even though there are a number of places that offer the Lahori famous ‘Siri Paye’, but if we were to name one, it would, without any doubt, be 2 places in the Heera Mandi area. Fazal Din’s and  ‘Phajjay ke Siri Paaye’ are famous food stops enjoyed by all from breakfast to dinner.

4. Multani Chaanpain

Yet another place in Punjab to rave about. If you are die-heart foodie and love desi food, try the very spicy Chaamps from Multan! This is a dish served with special Multani spices to give it the special taste of the reason.

5. Gajar Ka Halwa

Many a winter wedding and the fact that it’s a dessert best served warm have made gajar ka halwa a great winter delicacy. While it can be topped off with either nuts or the milky khoya, the base recipe of carrots, milk, and sugar usually remains the same.

6. Dried Fruits

An age-old tradition of winters in Pakistan, dried fruits are your best bet to really enjoy the feel of winter in the air. They are easy to store for long periods of time, offer a variety of selections, and are super delicious to boot.

7. Khada Gosht of Quetta

This food item is an ultimate indulgence and a great delight for food lovers of Pakistan. The whole goat or lamb is cooked on charcoal fire and is then presented in the same way. It has great taste and especially suitable for cold areas like Quetta. The fat content helps in keeping the body warm and metabolism high.

8.Gushtaba And Rice From Kashmir

This is a Kashmiri Dish contains large meatballs which are cooked with saffron yoghurt gravy and served with white rice.


If health buffs aren’t feeling the sweetness of Kashmiri chai – or you just don’t like pink tea – then kahwa is also a great option for a warm winter drink. In simple words, it’s green tea that will leave you feeling warm and fairly energized.


A timeless classic, soup – chicken or otherwise – is always good for the soul, and for the stomach. It can be basic chicken or vegetable soup, or hot and sour soup from your favourite Chinese restaurant. As long as it’s sweater weather and the soup is just the right amount of warm, there’s a quick fix for your winter food cravings. But nothing can beat the taste of that street soup available at different places. Specially that soup available in Dhora jee.

So where are you going to enjoy food in winter this year. Its time to plan something with friends family or your loved ones and enjoy your winters at the peak.

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