Mango & Chocolate Cheese Cake Recipe

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Mango & chocolate cheese cake


  • Mango puree          1 cup
  • Hang curd               2 cup
  • Sugar powder        1/2 cup
  • Melted chocolate   1/2 cup
  • Olpers cream          1 packet 
  • Gelatin powder      2 Tbsp
  • Unsalted biscuits    1 packet 
  • Butter                        100 grm 


  • First crush unsalted biscuits with butter in chopper then set it in cake pan and refrigerate it for 30 mints.
  • Then take a pan and put half cup of water n 2 Tbsp of gelatin powder cook until gelatin dissolve.
  • Then take large bowl and put mango puree, cream, sugar powder, hang curd and gelatin mixture then mix well.
  • Put all the mango n cream mixture on cake pan then put melted chocolate on top and give marble texture then refrigerate it again for 4 to 5 hours.
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