Grenoble Cake (Chocolate Walnut) Recipe

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  • Biscuit Sponge Dough
  • Egg yolks and 6
  • Fine sugar mix and beat until creamy 125 g
  • Soft butter, add and continue beating 100 g
  • until well absorbed
  • Ground walnuts 150 g
  • Chocolate powder add and mix 1 tsp
  • Melted cooking chocolate add and mix 50 g
  • Egg whites beat until stiff 6
  • Fine sugar add to egg whites and 1 tsp
  • continue beating a few seconds longer
  • Sifted flour fold into mixture, 2 tsp
  • together with beaten egg whites.
  • Spoon the dough into the cake tin.
  • Chantilly cream
  • Olpers Cream beat until stiff 200 ml
  • Vanilla essence add 2-3 drop
  • Vanilla custard powder add and mix 1 tsp
  • Very fine sugar add and fold in 2 tsp
  • Cooking Directions


    1. Line and grease a springform, about 23 cm in diameter, with aluminum foil and sprinkle with flour.

    2. Keep ready. Preheat the oven.

    3. Bake in medium hot oven for about 40 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer.

    4. Cool off before removing from baking tin.

    5. Top with the Chantilly cream and sprinkle with chocolate powder.


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