Creamy Praline Crunch Delight Recipe

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Badam 2oz

Sugar 5tbsp for crunch 

Anday 3

Milk 2 cup 

Sugar 1 cup

Gelation 1/2 tbsp

Water 1/2 cup 

Maida 1tbsp

Water 4tbsp

Vanilla essence 1/2 tsp 

Olpers cream 6-8 oz


2 cup doodh main 1 cup Sugar, 3 zardian, vanilla essence aur Maida paani main mix  kr k daal dein (4tbsp main 1 tbsp maida) Aur sab ko achi tarhaan se mix karlein doodh main.

Double boiler k liye paani garam karein or ye wala doodh ka mixture us k uper rakh kr chamcha chalayein. 

Jab garha hou jaye tou utaar lein, zyada na pakayein. Isko 3-4 martaba chamcha chalayein takay bhanmp nikal jaye. 

Phir gelatin ko neem garam paani main  mix kr k wou bhi rakh dein. 

Cream main 2 servimg spoon cheeni daal kr isko beat karein. Garhi hone pr doodh wale mixture main mila dein. Phir egg whites ko beat kr k wou bhi mila dein. 

  1. Thora sa thanda hone pr serving dish main half mixture daalein. Aur uper se zyada crunch daalein aur phir is hi mixture ki second layer lagayein or bohat sara crunch uper se daal dein or fridge main rakh dein for 5-6 hours. 

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