Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Recipe

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Ingredients For Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream:

Evaporated milk  1 tin

Condensed milk  1/2 tin

Olpers cream  1 1/2 cup

Chocolate sauce  1/2 cups

Chocolate chips  1/2 cup

Chocolate 4 ounce

Olpers Cream 3 tbsp

Butter  1 tsp

Icing sugar  2 ounce

Light corn syrup  2 tbsp


For Fudge sauce, add chocolate, cream, butter, icing sugar, light corn syrup cook it for 5 minutes.

For icing cream, add evaporated milk beat it, until it become double.

Now add condensed milk, beaten fresh cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate chips.

Then set it until it becomes ready.

Now fold it into ready fudge sauce, set it, until it becomes ready.

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