Chicken Burger Recipe

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  • Chicken mince ½ kg
  • Buns 4
  • Egg 1
  • Onion 1 (finely chopped)
  • Black pepper 1 tbsp (crushed)
  • White pepper ½ tsp (crushed)
  • Corn flour 4 tbsp
  • Chilli garlic sauce 4 tbsp
  • Margarine as required
  • Oil 4 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Tomato 1 (sliced)
  • Salad leaves (for garnish)

Cooking Directions

  1. In a mixing bowl add minced chicken, black pepper, white pepper, salt, chopped onions, corn flour, salt and an egg.
  2. Mix well and shape the chicken mixture in to medium shaped patties.
  3. Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the chicken burgers.
  4. After the burgers change color, turn the flame off and place them on an absorbent paper.
  5. Now slice each bun into two halves.
  6. Spread margarine onto each slice.
  7. Place a chicken burger onto one slice, top with a slice of tomato, chili garlic sauce and finally a lettuce leaf.
  8. Cover with the second slice and serve.