Banana Cocktail Recipe

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Today I am sharing the recipe of one of most popular banana cocktail. It is delicious, sweet, and a simple joy to blend up on a hot summer day 🍹This will be a treat when served for iftari! 

The recipe is very easy, needs minimum ingredients and the prep time is very less. All you really need for the main flavor is one banana. You will also need a handfull of strawberries, cleaned and chopped into small pieces (although they are out of season, you can find frozen ones in big stores like Alfateh and Green Valley) a tablespoon of honey(to add natural sweetness and a thickness to the blend)juice of one lemon (now this is the key ingredient that adds a tangy edge to the drink) and lots of ice ❄️

Simply turn on the blender and toss all the ingredients inside, mix it for 20 seconds and your are done. The prep time is under five minutes and this is one tasty cold drink 💯


Date Milk Drink Recipe

Take out the seeds from rinsed dates. Now add dates and milk in the blender and add 2 tbsp sugar and ice and blend it. In the end add chopped almonds over it and serve it

hot chocolate

Hazlenut Flavored Hot Chocolate Recipe

Take a pan and heat milk and pour it into blender. Then add hazel nut paste, milk chocolate and cream then blend it. Then pour it in glasses and garnish chocolate over it and serve it.