Unusual ways to use Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin and Body

coconut oil benefits
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Coconut is a miracle-working oil and is the most versatile beauty product that you can find in any grocery store.

You can cook with coconut oil; you can clean your house with it and do many more. It is packed with vitamins D, E, and K that can transform your skin, face, and hair in minutes.

Take a look at the benefits it can give.



Deep conditioning:

This is best for dry brittle hair. All you have to do is layer your hair with coconut oil and cover your head for at least an hour. And shampoo right afterward.

Frizz Fighter and Curl Tamer:

It is a natural anti-humidity product. Therefore, heating a tiny bit of oil and applying it to your curl strands and scrunching the ends will hold those curls naturally.

Scalp Conditioner:

Coconut oil gives a great conditioning treatment. Rub directly to the roots of your hair to calm itching and stimulate growth.




Coconut Oil can be used as a lotion after a warm shower. It is waxy and nature and does not give a very glossy finish. It penetrates easily in the skin thus moisturizes well.

Mosquito Bites and Sun Burns:

Mixing coconut oil with oatmeal soothes bug bites and sore sunburns.

Body Scrub:

For a natural exfoliation, mix brown sugar with coconut oil. Rub against the skin and wipe off. Hello, smooth skin!!!

Cuticle Cream:

Rub coconut oil on your cuticles to prevent it from getting dry.



Makeup Remover:

Admit it, the worst part about makeup is removing it. Well, I’ve got an easy trick. Take a pea-sized amount of coconut oil, rub it all over your face to remove the makeup. Wipe gently and wash face afterward.

Lip balm:

Coconut oil serves as a natural lip balm. So, don’t forget to moisturize them.

Teeth whitener:

Brushing your teeth with a bit of coconut oil can whiten teeth. Also, swirling a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth kills bacteria and prevents gingivitis.

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