Spicy Meat Grill in Urdu

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1 kg – tender Beef or mutton, sliced thinly into 2 inch strips
2 onions, sliced finely
1 tsp – National Cumins powder
1 tsp – National Turmeric powder
1 tsp – National Garlic paste
1 tsp – Sugar
2 tsp – National chilli powder
2 tsp – Vinegar
1/2 tsp – spice powder or National Garam Masala powder
National salt to taste
3 tbsp – oil
How to Make Spicy Meat Grill
Marinate the meat with all the remaining ingredients, except onions and oil, and set aside for 3 or 4 hours.
Heat the oil in a suitable pan and saute the onions till golden brown.
Add the marinated meat and saute for a few minutes.
Add 2 cups of water and cook on low heat till the meat is tender.
The gravy should be thick.
Serve with rice, bread or chapattis.


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