Spaghetti Gelato Recipe

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1) Olper cream

2) butter

3) flour

4) Olper milk

5) spaghetti 

6) white paper  

7) Suger 

8) white chocolate 

9) Dark chocolate 


First we made white sauce.. 

Butter +flour ko cook or Kegy.. Then milk boil Krngy or roux add Krngy phir or pakalingy jb milk thick hajyee then we add Olper cream and spaghetti.. 

Second we made creamel.. 

Simple sugar ko brun Krngy or creamel ready.. 

First spaghetti platter par Dalngy or creamel sauce upper syy add Krngy..  Phir upper sy white chocolate or dark chocolate sy garnish Krngy..

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