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Tomato Curry with Eggs

Tomato Curry with Eggs ccexpress
Hiya! Today we will discuss about Tomato Curry with Eggs


Tomatoes – 1 kg (finely sliced)
Salt – to taste
Garlic cloves – 6
Curry leave – few
Green chilies – 6
Eggs – 4
Oil – ½ cup


Take a pot and heat oil on medium heat.
Add garlic and stir fry till golden.
Add green chilies and curry leaves and stir for half a minute.
Include tomatoes and salt. Cook until tomatoes are tender and form a paste
Break eggs in the pot such that the
Include tomatoes and salt. Cook until tomatoes are tender and form a paste
Break eggs in the pot such that the yolk does not break.
Lower the heat and cook for 5 minutes until the eggs are cooked.
Garnish with coriander.

Tomato Curry with Eggs

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