Pineapple Cake by Olpers Recipe

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Fresh pineapple cake 

Egg                           e

Icing sugar               75gm


All purpose  flour                 75 gms

Vanilla essence                 1tsp

Pineapple                 1tin

Olper cream      1pack

Milk                            1/4 cup cup

Separate egg yolk and egg white beat egg white and keep beating till it stiff add sugar gradually and keep beating now add egg yolk and beat constantly. Add v.e and fold meda with light hand or spatula. Add in a grease pan.

Bake at 150-200^ for 20-25 min.

Cut cake from center and soak with milk or syrup in pineapple tin.

Whip cream and frost half of the cake add pineapple chunks cover with other half.